The information given helps everyone that is trying to learn about the art and business of brow shaping.  I will be able to answer any questions during the 1 or 2 day course. I'm aware each students learning journey is different, so I believe in an interactive approach, giving all general brow shaping techniques, concentrating on specifics catered to the students weaknesses or areas we would like to perfect, maximizing your social media platform, and the in's and outs of the building a business from "ground-up". I do provide a complete product checklist during the session, but do not currently offer the full kit myself.  We can possible discuss me providing the kit for an approximate additional fee of $250.  

A course with all information and to watch me with a live client ($1000)

- 6 hour information course (training will go over how to wax, trim, tweeze and fill - Soto teaches the foundational skills needed to assess and execute flawless        eyebrows. Touching on basics - from learning the best shape, best products and tools to insider tricks such as creating and arch and disguising    imperfections. including do's & dont's, tips & tricks no matter the hair type, sanitation requirements, and social media branding)

- Opportunity to watch me perform brow shaping on a live client

- Information on booth rent vs. commission salons

- And more!

A 2-Day course that includes live model training for yourself. ($1750)

-  Everything included in the one day training

-  Hands on one on one training where I will provide at least 2-3 models for you to practice brow shaping on and I will work along side of you to point out any    possible areas of improvement.

- Also, I will throw in a few general technique and tips with MicroBlading.  I do not offer Microblading training until 2018 but I understand the need to want to know as much as possible.



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